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1960 Floods in Tiverton

Following the excellent presentation by Ian Hunter and Christopher Khan of the Environment Agency on Tuesday, October 25th, Chris has sent a splendid collection of photographs of the 1960 floods in Tiverton, and these will be posted on a new page ‘1960 Floods’.


A TCS Committee Meeting was held on Monday 4th April 2016

The Minutes can be viewed here 2. 4 4 16

The first TCS Committee Meeting for 2016 was held on Monday, 22nd February.

TCS Minutes 22 2 16 (9) can be viewed here.

The TCS Minutes for September 5th 2016 can be viewed here: 3-5-9-16-1

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on November 15th 2015 can be viewed here.Minutes 47th AGM Tiverton Civic Society (2)


newsletter-84-may-2016 is now available to download online.

Newsletter 85 November 2016. 5 (1) is now available to download online.