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BBC Radio Devon

Tiverton Civic Society featured in BBC Radio Devon’s new  community focused evening show– ‘celebrating the county of Devon and the people who live there’ on Tuesday, January 15th from 8 – 9.15 p.m. Anne Davies, Jeremy Salter and Mike Sanderson joined the programme host, Michael Chequer, in the studio. The programme can be heard , (after 1 hour 12 minutes), on the BBC i Player


A Vision for Social Housing

Shelter’s new plan for social housing, produced by 16 cross-party commissioners, has now been published. It mirrors the concerns expressed by many about homelessness and the shortage of low-cost rented housing, a problem very apparent in Tiverton.

 ‘Telling Our Stories: Finding Our Roots – in Devon’

Devon Development Education, an education charity working across Devon from an office base in Exeter is applying for Heritage Lottery Funding for  ‘Telling Our Stories: Finding Our Roots – in Devon’ which will aim to find out about Black, Asian and minority ethnic presence and stories in 3 towns in Devon, Tiverton, Okehampton and Bideford. These stories may be very recent or quite ancient! The project follows on from a very successful project they ran before, with HLF funding, called ‘Telling Our Stories – Finding Our Roots’ with a focus on Exeter.

In the hope that this application is successful Tiverton Civic Society have gladly accepted an invitation to be Community Partners for this important project (and the Tiverton Museum have agreed to be Heritage Partners).

More details will be published in our Spring Newsletter, and it is hoped that some of our members may wish to become involved.

Visitors to this Website

!n 2018 there were 2486 visitors to this website, with 4933 views, both figures representing significant increases over those for previous years. The most popular Pages were ‘Listed Buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments’ (1184 views), and ‘War Memorials’ (451 views). 4164 visitors were from the United Kingdom, 477 from U.S.A., 64 from Canada, and 56 from Australia.

New Listings by Historic England

Historic England have given details of many new listings.

Local Plan Review Examination

The Local Plan Submission Document 2013 – 2033 will be reviewed by Paul Griffith, a Planning Inspector, at the Phoenix Chambers, Phoenix House, on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th February 2019. Tiverton Civic Society will be represented at some of these Hearings, which are open to the public.

Hearing 1 (14/02/19) is intended to deal with the Vision, Spatial and Development Strategies and Strategic Policies; Hearing 2 (15/02/19) Strategy and Site Allocations for Tiverton and Cullompton; Hearing 3 (15/02/19) Site Allocations for Crediton and Rural Areas; Hearing 4 (19/02/19) Development Management Policies; Hearing 5a (20/02/19) J27 and SP2; Hearing 5b (20/02/19) Proposed Modifications. Full Details to follow.

‘Tiverton Cloth’ by Peter Maunder

‘Tiverton Cloth’, Peter Maunder’s superb new book on ‘the story of the town’s woollen trade 1475 – 1815’, with an extensive appendix on cloth seals by Jane Evans, is now available. For details please click on Scan_0003

2018-12-10 17.51.38
Cloth Seals and other Textile Items on Display at the Book Launch in Tiverton Museum
2018-12-10 18.13.56
Peter Maunder and Jane Evans at the Book Launch on December 12th

Tristan Peat’s Presentation on the Future of Mid Devon

Tristan has provided the following links, referred to in his presentation on October 30th:

Housing White Paper

 NPPF 2018

National Planning Practice Guidance – standard method for assessing need

 Government consultation on changes to the National Planning Practice Guidance – standard method for assessing local housing need

 Sir Oliver Letwin’s reports (two links)

 Greater Exeter Strategic Plan

 Culm Garden Village

Mid Devon Local Plan Review – submission with modifications (Jan 2017)

Mid Devon Local Plan Review – schedule of minor modifications

 Mid Devon Local Plan Review examination

Tiverton Conservation Area Nominated as England’s Favourite Conservation Area 

Civic Voice asked their members to nominate their choice as their Favourite Conservation Area in England and, out of the 249 nominations, Tiverton Conservation Area was included in a shortlist of 18. The nomination was made by this society.The first conservation area was established at Stamford fifty years ago, there are now more than 10,000. (However, many, including Civic Voice, are concerned about their future)


Immediate October 22nd 2018

Swindon Railway Village named as England’s Favourite Conservation Area for 2018

The top 3 were (1) Swindon Railway Village Conservation Area, (2) Port Sunlight Conservation Area and (3) Lichfield City Centre

Civic Voice – the national authoritative voice for the civic and conservation movement – declared Swindon Railway Village Conservation Area as the nation’s Favourite Conservation Area at an awards event on Friday 20th October 2018.

Laura Sandys, Vice-president of Civic Voice said; “Swindon Railway village was built shortly after the Great Western Railway works established in 1841 to house the workers and their families. Those people didn’t just build a railway, but a community.”

Swindon Railway Village beat off a challenge from 17 other conservation areas shortlisted. Images featuring the winners and all shortlisted entrants can be found here.

Joan Humble, Chair of Civic Voice said: “When we decided to launch England’s Favourite Conservation Area, we wanted to use it to test the enthusiasm people have for the place where they live. To get people talking about why conservation areas matter. What it has turned out to be is something truly amazing. It has surpassed all our expectations at Civic Voice. We received 249 entries from across the country and from announcing the shortlist to announcing the winner, we received just under 16,000 votes in 14 days. People do care about where they live. I look forward to visiting each of the winners at some point soon with Civic Voice.”

Swindon Railway Village managed to beat Port Sunlight conservation area, another example of a model industrial village in Merseyside and the Georgian city centre in Lichfield, which came second and third.

Ian Harvey, Executive Director of Civic Voice said; “512 conservation areas are at risk across England and we cannot get away from the fact that with decreasing numbers of conservation staff, the problem is likely to get worse before it gets better. We want England’s Favourite Conservation Area to showcase the positive and importance of the historic environment”.

Laura Sandys finished by saying; “We know that dozens of conservation areas will be celebrating 50th anniversaries in the next few years, so our plan is to run this again. This could be our alternative to Britain in Bloom? This could be something that towns and villages inspire to win and use it as a focus to make the case for the historic environment. Communities should be making the case with conservation officers to apply in 2019. I applaud all the 18 shortlisted area for participating in award to make this civic idea come to life. I look forward to seeing what is nominated in 2019.”


• Civic Voice is the authoritative voice of the civic movement and represents 75,000 individual members affiliated to 275 civic groups across England. More information at

• The vote was part of The Big Conservation Conversation by Civic Voice to raise awareness about areas of historic interest and encourage communities to celebrate and protect those at risk.
• To find out more about the railway village visit the Swindon Civic Voice website at

The final vote for the full shortlist, including number of votes cast is:

1. Swindon GWR Railway Village Conservation Area (Number of votes) (3459)
2. Port Sunlight Conservation Area (2313)
3. Lichfield City Centre Conservation Area (2008)
4. Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area (1395)
5. Stamford Conservation Area (1218)
6. Elsecar Conservation Area (841)
7. Richmond (North Yorkshire) (833)
8. Tiverton Conservation Area (676)
9. Brentham Garden Suburb (584)
10. Kasbah, Port of Grimsby Conservation Area (500)
11. Deal – Middle Street Conservation Area (484)
12. Chester Canal Conservation Area (326)
13. Cockermouth Conservation Area (231)
14. Winsham Conservation Area (198)
15. Wolverton Milton Keynes (178)
16. Cambridge Central Core Conservation Area (171)
17. Dalby Square Conservation Area (153)
18. Boston Town Centre Conservation Area (43)

The Tiverton Conservation Area did very well to achieve 8th place, and together with the 2017 nomination of this as one of six ‘Amazing Conservation Areas’ in England, confirms that the town has one of the finest of this country’s conservation areas. However, it is classified as ‘Heritage at Risk’, ‘Very Bad’ and ‘Deteriorating’ by Historic England, and everyone needs to do more to enhance it!

There is a 27 minute podcast on Tiverton Community Radio in which the excellently prepared Caro Bushnell talks to Jeremy Salter about this competition and the society’s 50th anniversary. This is much more detailed than the recent interview on BBC Radio Devon.

Tiverton is lucky to have this radio station!

Can you help Knightshayes to celebrate 150 years?

Knightshayes are celebrating the 150th year anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the house.  They will be hosting a series of events in celebration next spring and summer 2019 but need the community to help kick things off this September with a special project ‘Mapping Knightshayes Connections’

Tiverton Town Leat and Coggan’s Well

The Town Leat is flowing again! Congratulations to those who campaigned successfully for its restoration.

Castle Street and Tiverton Town Leat. July 2018.

Floral Display to Mark our Society’s 50th Anniversary.

The sign and display was seen next to the roundabout at the junction of Station Road and Great Western Way. Many thanks to Andrea Rowe and Mid Devon District Council for arranging for this.

IMG_0155 (2)

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

All organisations were required to comply with the new GDPR regulations by May 25th 2018, and we have made every effort to do so. We have written a new Privacy Statement which can be read here: Tiverton Civic Society Privacy Statement

We have also contacted all members to request their permission to continue to use the contact details they have provided, including postal and e mail addresses as well as telephone numbers.

Civic Voice’s Response to the Draft Revised (NPPF) National Planning Policy Framework Consultation.

This response has now been submitted by Civic Voice, our parent organisation.

Devon Voice – The Spring Newsletter of the Devon Branch of CPRE.

The Spring 2018 Newsletter includes an article by Nick Groom, who spoke to us in June, and one by Mike Scott on housing developments in Mid Devon.

Tiverton Eastern Extension Area B

The MDDC Cabinet discussed detailed proposals for Area B at their meeting at Phoenix House at 2.15 pm on Thursday, 26th October 2017.

At the meeting it was resolved:

‘That in the event of significant delay in the highway connection being formed with Area A and subject to acceptable planning impacts, alternative access arrangements can be considered (that do not include Mayfair &/or the Manley Lane/Post Hill junction)‘.

Letter re Cabinet report 8.11.17 gives full details.

Our Comment. ‘The only practical alternative access from the Tiverton – Halberton road would be through the north-west corner of Hartnoll Farm, close to the Hartnoll Business Centre, and then across Manley Lane into Area B. Such an access road could, as a ‘ransom strip’, not only be very costly, potentially reducing funding available for the second stage of the A361 junction, but it would also be outside the Allocated Area for development in the emerging Local Plan 2013 – 2033, within the parish of Halberton, and on Grade 1 Agricultural Land. Worse still, it would constitute an ‘own goal’ for the Planning Department because it would provide infrastructure which would encourage piecemeal, unregulated, residential development, which they state they are trying to avoid, at that part of Hartnoll Farm for which Waddeton Park have already taken out an option’.

Access to Area B through Area A must remain the only option!

Conservation Areas

Historic England have mounted a campaign to celebrate 50 years of Conservation Areas in England. They have highlighted six examples of ‘amazing conservation areas’, including  the Tiverton  Conservation Area, after a submission by this Society! Nevertheless this area remains classified as ‘Heritage at Risk’.

See the latest Historic England findings about ‘Heritage at Risk’.

Campaign to Protect Rural England Devon.

The CPRE Devon Spring Newsletter, which includes items about proposed developments at M5 Junction 27 (Sampford Peverell) and Junction 28 (Cullompton), is now available.

Housing White Paper

We fully support Civic Voice’s views about the need for more housing, the importance of speeding up delivery and their cautious support for the Housing White Paper.

Tiverton Floods in 1960 – see the Archives Page.

Unveiling of Plaque to Private Thomas Sage VC on October 4th 2017 – see the Archives Page.

Planning Committee on 29th March 2017 – see the Archives Page

Pictures accompanying the article on John Heathcoat in the November 2016 Newsletter – see the Archives Page

Oil Paintings in Tiverton Town Hall – see the Archives Page

Flood Risk – see the Archives Page.

Diesel Emissions – see the Archives Page.

J.D.Salinger in Tiverton – see the Archives Page

Tiverton Floods in 1960 – see the Archives Page.