Heritage Assets

See Historic England’s video on Introduction to Heritage Assets and Local Listing.

A list of Heritage Assets in Tiverton and Mid-Devon, will be found on the MDDC website, as well as a more detailed description of the local list, including photographs and maps.

The introduction to the list outlines the nature of Heritage Assets and their significance in the planning process:

‘Heritage Assets are the structures or features of the historic environment which are “identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions’ (National Planning Policy Framework, Annex 2).

‘Designated Heritage Assets’ are nationally protected areas or features such as a World Heritage Site, Scheduled Ancient Monument, Listed Building, Protected Wreck Site, Registered Park and Garden, Registered Battlefield or Conservation Area. ‘Local Heritage Assets’ are identified by the local planning authority as elements or features which are valued locally but which have not been designated at this national level

Mid Devon district contains around 2500 Listed Buildings and 49 Scheduled Ancient Monuments, none of which have been included on the local list as they are already designated at a national level. Most of the buildings within the 51 Conservation Areas within Mid Devon were also not included in the local list, as these buildings are already protected under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. While the NPPF contains policy on the protection of undesignated heritage assets, local listing provides a more sound, consistent and accountable means for identification. Also, the identification of local assets through a published register allows Mid Devon Local Plan 3 Policy DM28 (development affecting heritage assets) to be applied more effectively. For a potential local heritage asset to be included on the list there is a need to ensure it has the required degree of significance for inclusion.’

Head Weir. A Registered Heritage Asset.

Non-designated heritage assets are buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas or landscapes identified by plan-making bodies as having a degree of heritage significance meriting consideration in planning decisions but which do not meet the criteria for designated heritage assets. In Tiverton, these include the former police station. ‘Beechwood’ in The Avenue, Tiverton, seen below in March, 2022.IMG_0666

The top photograph shows Copplestone, West Manley Lane: a Registered Heritage Asset.