Applications, Consultations and Responses

Our Society will hope to submit constructive responses to all significant Planning Applications and Public Consultations for Tiverton and the immediately surrounding area. Our responses will appear on this page.

Planning Application 17/01509/MFUL. (Rear of Town Hall).

TCS Comment on Planning Application 17.01509.MFUL (Rear of Town Hall) for 39 dwellings together with underground car parking, landscaping etc. This application was discussed by the MDDC Planning Committee at their meeting on Wednesday, November 29th, and it was approved with conditions.


Local Plan Review Examination for Junction 27 and associated policies.

The plan to include major development at Junction 27 in the Local Plan 2013-2033 appears to be in deep trouble!

A preliminary hearing concerning the Eden Westwood development proposals for Junction 27 was to have been held  on September 26th and 27th by a Planning Inspector, Paul Griffiths, but, presumably because of the large number of very effective objections, casting many doubts on the sustainability and viability of the proposals, it has now been postponed for at least six months while MDDC commissions a full sustainability appraisal.  (See).

TCS will be represented at the hearing, when it occurs, and we have submitted a position statement. All the position statements are now available. We previously submitted a letter to the consultation for this proposal on 14th February: letter-to-mddc-february-14th-2017-2-1

Empty Shops in Fore Street, Tiverton

A key issue is the effect that a large new retail outlet village at Junction 27 might have on local town centres, where there is already over-capacity.IMG_1490 Such a development could lead to many more potential shop closures, raising concerns about the declining fabric of the built environment. See Also. 

In addition, see a  report in the Daily Telegraph for 8.11.17 on the failure of the Portas initiative to revive high streets. (‘I hoped it might kick-start something – but it didn’t’ – Mary Portas). Has Tiverton’s Portas Committee been successful in achieving its objectives so far?

Exeter Hill

Our Society has objected to Planning Application 17/00942/MOUT for up to 50 houses off Exeter Hill, Tiverton.

TCS Objection to 17.00942.MOUT July 2017 (2)

A further objection was submitted in response to changes in the original application.

Further TCS Objection to Planning Applcation 17-00942-MOUT (Exeter Hill, Tiverton)

Revised access proposals remain unsatisfactory.


TCS Response to the Revised Draft Local Plan 2013-2033

This is the letter-to-mddc-february-14th-2017-2-1, which refers to the inclusion of Junction 27.

Design Guide for the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension.

Several members of Tiverton Civic Society were members of the consultation group involved in the preparation of the Design Guide.



 The photograph shows the new housing development at Farleigh Meadows, Rackenford Road, in March 2016.

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