Applications, Consultations and Responses

New Homes under construction at Braid Park, Post Hill, February 2020. (David Wilson Homes)

Our Society will hope to submit constructive responses to all significant Planning Applications and Public Consultations for Tiverton and the immediately surrounding area. Our responses will appear on this page.

Three Rivers Development Behind the Town Hall.

As this controversial development nears completion we are alarmed by the enormous damage to the setting of the Grade 1 St George’s Church, especially when viewed from the west, this being far greater than we were led to believe. The August 2022 photograph below shows that the views of both St George’s Church and the Grade II Town Hall are minimal when viewed from the River Exe walk on the west bank of the river.IMG_0691

Uplowman Road Application 22/01255/MFUL 

Erection of 70 affordable dwellings including associated roads, footpaths, landscaping and amenity area | Land at NGR 298768 113600 Uplowman Road Tiverton Devon has been submitted. Full details can be accessed at: 70 Affordable Dwellings

Although we appreciate some aspects of this application, we have other concerns, and we have submitted a 22.01255.MFUL Letter of Objection. July 2022.

Red Linhay. Application 22/00665/MFUL for Retention of Silage Clamp and Addition of  3000 Square Metre Roof.

Tiverton Civic Society have objected to this application:Red Linhay, Hartnoll Fam, Application 22.00665.MFUL

Redrow Homes Application Phase 2.

Redrow Homes have announced plans to submit a Reserved Matters Application to build 122 homes south of Blundell’s Road in the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension. Further details will be found at:

Mr Jeremy Salter – Tiverton Civic Society Letter

Website: Redrow Phase 2

A consultation of very limited value, because the plans on display lack any detail, and written feedback was not requested!

Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

The Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Mid Devon District Council, it hasreached the Publicity Stage, and it is now open for consultation. For full details, please see:

The Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan may be viewed online and printed copies are available for inspection at:

  • MDDC Offices (Reception), Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton EX16 6PP (reference copy, by appointment only)
  • Tiverton Town Council Town Hall, St Andrew Street, Tiverton, EX16 6PG
  • Tiverton Library, Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton EX16 6SA

Comments on the plan proposals are welcomed. It is a remarkable document, and Richard Ives and Alison Eardley, in particular, have worked enormously hard to put it together. Please send in your reactions, if only to express your strong approval for what has been achieved!

How to make representations on the plan proposals:

Please email comments to, making sure you include your name and address. You must provide these details for your response to be considered as a valid representation.

Comment forms are available here should you wish to use one. These can be returned by email (as above) or posted to: Forward Planning, Planning Services, Mid Devon District Council, Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton, EX16 6PP.

All comments must be received by 12 noon on Friday 18th February 2022.

Hartnoll Farm

Local residents received notification of a forthcoming planning application (Scan_0010for Hartnoll Farm on August 6th. together with an accompanying map.( Scan_0009)

Full details for this application can be viewed on the MDDC Planning Portal 21/01576/MOUT

Tiverton Civic Society Revised Item 19, Hartnoll Application. September 4th 2021.docx(2), includes reviisions to Paragraph 19 in our previous letter, was submitted to MDDC on September 10th

Several attempts have previously been made to develop Hartnoll Farm for housing or employment land and all have been refused or dismissed. We consider that the current application should be refused in its entirety. At the MDDC Cabinet Meeting on 4th December 2014 Waddeton Park asked why parts of this farm were not being considered for housing development, the answer given was ‘ It was the Strategic View of the authority to direct growth towards Cullompton and therefore the site had not been proposed for allocation.’ (This is confirmed in Local Plan 2013-2033 TIV 1 3,10)

When, in July 2020,  MDDC  Cabinet discussed the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan, they decided that ‘the Cabinet believes that GESP presents Mid Devon with an unacceptable risk of large scale developments that are not warranted by any formal measure of local housing need  ‘a particular concern expressed was that Hartnoll Farm should not be included in future plans, because of the effect of large-scale development on Halberton and Sampford Peverell.’

Reasons for refusal include :

  • Preservation of the green buffer between Halberton and Tiverton.
  • The site is outside the defined settlement boundary for Tiverton in the adopted Local Plan .and outside the village boundary for Halberton.
  • This site is not allocated for development within the adopted Local Plan 2013-2033 and there is adequate land to enable housing targets to be met for many years to come in the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension. Housing targets are already being achieved, and the 1580 – 1830 houses planned for the TEUE will ensure that they will be satisfied for many years ahesd.
  • Any large housing development at Hartnoll Farm could trigger the need to construct a new road to Heathcoat Way (Local Plan TIV 1 3.9)
  • It has been agreed by Councillors that access to Area B of the TEUE should be through Area A , and not through Hartnoll Farm, the target in the Area B Masterplan being for the first dwellings to be completed in 2026/2027.
  • This is Grade 1 soil, which is rare in this part of Mid Devon. Government policy is to protect ‘the best and most versatile (BMV) agricultural land from significant, inappropriate or unsustainable development proposals’.
  • 30,000 sq m (3 hectares) of employment land has already been allocated close to the new A361 junction in the TEUE Masterplan, and, following completion of the road linking the A361 junction to Blundell’s Road, this should soon be available, this site alone being more than sufficient to meet Tiverton’s employment land target of 29,400 sq m up to 2033. There are also vacant units in the Tiverton Business Park, thus rendering an expansion of the Hartnoll Business Park on the highest quality land completely unnecessary.
  • Extra traffic problems would be created in Halberton, Sampford Peverell and Willand if this development is built.
  • The Ailsa Brook, close to the proposed site, has often flooded, and is considered to be a High Risk flood. In high rainfall events, the extra runoff from impermeable surfaces  could overwhelm any SuDs constructed and cause severe problems in West Manley Lane and Tiverton.
  • As Mid Devon is a designated rural area any housing permitted outside the settlement limit would be a rural exception site, ‘comprising  affordable and low cost housing to meet local needs’ .Any employment permiissable would be ‘appropriately scaled retail employment, farm diversification, tourism and leisure related development (Mid Devon Local Plan Policy S14).
  • The Hartnoll Business Park was originally developed as part of a scheme to permit limited farm diversification following the Foot And Mouth outbreak in 2001. It was never envisaged that it would become larger, no future development being permitted outside the earth bund. Any further expansion in this rural area would not be’appropriately scaled.’
  • Views from the Grand Western Canal Conservation Area across this attractive rural landscape would be compromised by this and any further developments.
  • In his speech to the Conservative Party Conference on Octiober 7th 2021 the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, pledged that no more homes will be built on greenfield sites, and that they will only be built on brownfield sites (Previously developed land.)

Further reasons for refusal, and greater detail will be added, including non-compliance with policies in the Mid Devon Local Plan 2013-2033. Tiverton Civic Society’s Letter of Objection to this proposal was submitted to MDDC on Tuesday, August 31st:

Hartnoll Application 21_01576_MOUT August 2021.docx (2) 

Please also see the very effective objection letter submitted by Emily Usherwood

21-01576-MOUT Emily Usherwood

As a EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) is now required for this application, an agreed extension of time has been agreed until 4th February 2022, the earliest date at which this application will be decided by the MDDC Planning Committee being 2nd February 2022. ( UPDATE.The application is not included on the Agenda for the Planning Committee meeting on February 4th 2022, and will be considered at a later date).

The National Model Design Code and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The much heralded and long awaited National Model Design Code has at last arrived!

The National Model Design Code was published by the government in January. A public consultation was held, linked to likely changes in the National Planning Policy Framework, and this ran until March 27th 2021. The new plans envisage a much greater and genuine involvement in the design of new residential developments for local community groups, including Civic Societies and Neighbourhood Plans, as well as encouraging the formation and involvement of Community Panels. Among many other requirements, it also stresses that all new developments must reflect local character and that planning applications should be refused if this does not occur. The Guidance Notes for Design Codes should also be consulted in conjunction with this document.

Civic Voice have prepared a draft response: NMDC_consultation_Civic Voice response_v1.

Mid Devon District Council have already adopted  a  Design Guide for the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension (2016), and a Mid Devon Design Guide SPD (2020) .In addition the Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan Design Code  has recently been published, also in 2020. Although recent, these may need to be amended when the National Model Design Code becomes a statutory planning document. The Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension Masterplan SPD, 2014, revised in 2017, also includes important design guidance.

Full details about this important consultation can be accessed online. East Devon District Council call it ‘essential reading for a wet afternoon’!

Another new Local Plan!

Following the adoption of the Mid Devon Local Plan 2013-2033, which took seven year’s intensive work, they will soon be required to produce another much shorter new Local Plan as part of the Government’s new planning proposals. ‘This new Local Plan will cover Mid Devon District.
Once adopted, it will form part of the Development Plan for Mid Devon together with other
development plans (once adopted) including the Devon Minerals and Waste
Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans. The new Local Plan will include strategic
policies and non-strategic policies for the use and development of land and
buildings in Mid Devon. The new Local Plan, once adopted, will supersede the Local Plan Review 2013 –
The following table sets out the timetable for production and adoption of the
Stage Date
Reg 18 Issues Consultation August – October 2021
Draft Policies and Site Options
October – November 2022
Reg 19 Publication (Proposed
Submission) consultation
January – February 2024
Submission May – June 2024
Examination and Main Modifications September 2024 – March 2025
Adoption June 2025

(Under current government proposals the new ‘streamlined’ Local Plans should be focused on where they can add real value: allocating enough land for development in the right places, giving certainty about what can be developed on that land, making the process for getting permission for development as simple as possible,
and providing local communities a genuine opportunity to shape those decisions. To this end,
Local Plans should:
• be based on transparent, clear requirements for local authorities to identify appropriate
levels of, and locations for, development that provide certainty and that applicants and
communities can easily understand;
• communicate key information clearly and visually so that plans are accessible and easily
understandable, and communities can engage meaningfully in the process of developing them;
• be published as standardised data to enable a strategic national map of planning to be created;
• be developed using a clear, efficient and standard process;
• benefit from a radically and profoundly re-invented engagement with local communities so
that more democracy takes place effectively at the plan-making stage; and
• set clear expectations on what is required on land that is identified for development, so that
plans give confidence in the future growth of areas and facilitate the delivery of beautiful and
sustainable places. ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper, August 2020).

Supporting housing delivery and public service infrastructure

This government consultation was published on December 3rd, and closed on January 28th, 2021.It proposes a new permitted development right for the change of use from Commercial, Business and Service use to residential to create new homes, measures to support public service infrastructure through the planning system, and the approach to simplifying and consolidating existing permitted development rights following changes to the Use Classes Order.

Many people are alarmed by aspects of these proposals, in particular because of the potentially damaging effects on Conservation Areas. ‘Converting shops to homes could destroy town centres’ (British Property Federation). Please also see the Times article on February 11th concerning strong opposition from 27 groups representing town centre business organisations.

Civic Voice, this society’s parent organisation, express their concerns:

‘Civic Voice is aware as much as anyone about the challenges facing the high street, but we question Government claims that these proposals will breathe new life into high streets and town/city centres. It may instead, simply enable change of use to more profitable uses, often residential, rather than enabling a greater range of uses to diversify and support high streets/centres. We certainly cannot support the proposed change to allow properties within conservation areas, falling under Class E (Commercial, Business and Service), to change use to Class C3 (Residential) without the need for planning permission. Many of these buildings, often located within historic high streets, town and city centres, contribute to the character of some of our most treasured and locally loved historic areas. Conservation areas have been designated locally because they are “areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance” (s69 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990).

The danger with deregulation is that it can often lead to unscrupulous developers/ landowners exploiting loopholes, as we have seen with previous widening of PDR (Permitted Development Rights), which the Government’s own commissioned report concluded that permitted development rights create “worse quality residential environments”. A limited list of prior approval matters may not necessarily secure a high quality residential environment or vibrant, diverse and planned centres.

We cannot support this policy which is why we worked with civic societies across England for the past few weeks to coordinate a response for all Civic Societies to respond to this consultation’.

Tiverton Civic Society’s Response was submitted on January 28th: PSI_and_PDR_condoc_response_proforma. Tiverton Civic Society (1).

Despite the many objections the Housing Minister, Robert Jenrick has allowed  the extension of permitted developments rights in urban centres as from March 31st 2021. However, he has included a number of concessions to those who have objected, ‘prior approval’, requiring ‘high standards’, replacing the requirement for full planning permission; greater protection being given to historic buildings and heritage assets,; and a strict control on housing standards being required when there has been a change of use. However, many people and organisations still feel considerable concern about these plans, including The National Trust, the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Civic Voice’s latest response (30.4.21) follows:

Civic Voice briefing on recent planning changes: Spotlight on ‘Class E’
Earlier this month, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced the introduction of new legislation in England to allow certain properties – known as Class E Commercial, Business and Service – to be converted to housing without the need to submit a planning application. Government wants these planning changes – known as permitted development (“PD”) rights – to invigorate the high street following the pandemic, giving life to vacant buildings.

You can see the Government’s response to the consultation here, and you will see that the majority of respondents opposed the measure. 

This week we hosted an informal briefing for planning officers, civic societies and other community groups to try and explain in plain English, what the announcements actually mean.  To quote one participant in the meeting ‘So this Govt isn’t interested then in local community views is it!! They are riding roughshod of our neighbourhoods’… sums up pretty much the feeling of the meeting. 

New planning rules: What do they mean for you and your conservation area?
Continuing our spotlight on the recent changes to the planning system, our next ‘spotlight’ event will be on the impact of the latest permitted development rights, with a specific reference to conservation areas. 

Despite strong opposition from Civic Voice, and around two-thirds of respondents to the consultation objecting to the proposal, the Government will be applying a new permitted development right in conservation areas to allow the change of use from Commercial, Business and Service use class to residential, without planning permission.

Civic Voice has been opposed to the right applying in conservation areas due to the impact on the character and appearance of the area, including on sites of special architectural or historic interest. We feel that a planning application should be required for the change of use in conservation areas to enable local consideration of the impacts and to maintain the character of the area and the mix of uses.

Nonetheless, Government is going ahead with this change, so our next spotlight session will be considering what does this policy change mean for conservation areas. We will also touch on the fact that Government pledged to give Conservation Areas ‘protected status’ in the Planning White Paper… does that even matter now?

This informal briefing by Civic Voice will explain in plain English, what the recent Government announcements actually mean for conservation areas and why you and your civic society need to be aware.

Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan – Latest

Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan sets out to ensure that Tiverton is a sustainable community and that all future developments meet government legislation regarding emissions, passivity and carbon neutrality. The final iteration of the plan will be subjected to scrutiny by One Planet to test its sustainability.
Several members of Tiverton Civic Society have been members of the team putting together the Plan.
We now need your opinions. Please follow the links below, read the Draft Plan, Housing Needs Assessment and Design Codes and let us have your comments by the end of 2020..
The latest Bulletin gives information about the current progress.The Draft Plan for Informal Public Consultation is now available to download.

There are two supporting documents, both produced by consultants AECOM, with the benefit of Government grants:

We need your feedback.  Please go to the Contact Us section to let us have your comments.

You can also participate in an online survey here …

The Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan is for the benefit of the community of Tiverton.  It is your plan.  Please take a look.

Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension Area B Masterplan

Public consultations on the proposed Area B Masterplan were held in February and March 2020. MDDC has now reacted positively to the many suggestions put forward:

One positive aspect is that it is that there will not be any normal vehicular access to Area B through Mayfair, Manley Lane or Hartnoll Farm.

Planning Application 20/02159/PNCOU | Prior notification for the change of use of agricultural buildings to 5 dwellings under Class Q | Land and Buildings at NGR 299852 116116 (East Mere Farm) Uplowman Devon

Tiverton Civic Society objected to this application, details of which are on the MDDC Planning Portal

Our letter of objection can be read on this link.    The Application has now been withdrawn by the applicant.

Planning Application 19/00210/MFUL

We have objected to the application to build 18 houses in the former NHS hospital site at Post Hill Revised TCS RESPONSE to 19.00210.MFUL. April 2019

This application was granted planning consent on September 6th 2020. Road access through to site from Blundell’s Road to Braid Park will be secured following completion of a Section 106 agreement.

Planning Application 19/00182/FULL

We have objected to the application to build a house in the green corridor south of West Manley Lane Letter concerning West Manley Lane Planning Application 19.00182.FULL March 2019

This application was refused planning permission on 26th April 2019.

Planning Application 18/01814/MFUL

Tiverton Civic Society have objected  tivertoncivicsociety28229 to this application to build six holiday cottages next to the Grand Western Canal.

LIDL Application 18/00915/MFUL

Our Planning Group was unable to meet to discuss this application, but a letter was submitted by the Chairman, expressing his personal views. lidl-application (Revised)

Serious objections, from the Environment Agency and others, especially relating to the flood risk for this site,  delayed this application. However, planning permission, subject to a number of stringent conditions, was finally granted on December 5th 2018.

Lidl have announced a planned opening date of Thursday, February 25th 2021.

2019-02-23 11.12.10
Construction site for Premier Inn, February 2019.

Tiverton Town Centre Regeneration Masterplan SPD Public ConsultationVisualisation of new public space and gateway in front of the Town Hall.

Details are now available for the Tiverton Town Centre Regeneration Masterplan Consultation. 

This plan has been provisionally approved, although parts of it were rewritten (April/May 2019). Modified plans for a new wider entrance to the Market Place from Fore Street has been given planning permission and some enhancement of Market Walk has taken place. Please also see the Crediton Courier for more recent developments. At present (2021) the whole future of this plan is uncertain, with calls from councillors and others for it to be scrapped or drastically revamped.

Public Consultation in the Market Hall on the Town Centre Regeneration Masterplan , May 2018.

Planning Application for Land off Uplowman Road, Tiverton.

A full Reserved Matters application, 18/00133/MARM, was submitted by Barratt Homes for the construction of 248 dwellings, 3 Gypsy and Traveller pitches, public open space, landscape planting, pedestrian, cycle and vehicular links; and associated infrastructure.

The application was finally approved by the MDDC Planning Committee on August 8th 2018 and the site is being developed.

Planning Application 17/01509/MFUL. (Rear of Town Hall).

TCS Comment on Planning Application 17.01509.MFUL (Rear of Town Hall) for 39 dwellings together with underground car parking, landscaping etc. This application was discussed by the MDDC Planning Committee at their meeting on Wednesday, November 29th, and it was approved with conditions.

Vacant Shops in Fore Street, Tiverton

A key issue is the effect that a large new retail outlet village at Junction 27 might have on local town centres, where there is already over-capacity.

Vacant Shops in Bampton Street.

Such a development could lead to many more potential shop closures, raising concerns about the declining fabric of the built environment. See Also. 

In addition, see a  report in the Daily Telegraph for 8.11.17 on the failure of the Portas initiative to revive high streets. (‘I hoped it might kick-start something – but it didn’t’ – Mary Portas). Has Tiverton’s Portas Committee been successful in achieving its objectives so far?

Exeter Hill

Our Society objected to Planning Application 17/00942/MOUT for up to 50 houses off Exeter Hill, Tiverton.

TCS Objection to 17.00942.MOUT July 2017 (2)

A further objection was submitted in response to changes in the original application.

Further TCS Objection to Planning Applcation 17-00942-MOUT (Exeter Hill, Tiverton)

Revised access proposals remain unsatisfactory.

Update (23/10/18). This application has been refused planning permission.

An appeal was launched against the decision of MDDC to refuse planning permissionand the appeal was refused by the Planning Inspector in September 2019.

Design Guide for the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension.

Several members of Tiverton Civic Society were members of the consultation group involved in the preparation of the Design Guide.IMG_0526.JPG Braid Park 7.

                                 Completed New Homes at Braid Park (David Wilson Homes) in March 2021

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