Applications, Consultations and Responses

Our Society will hope to submit constructive responses to all significant Planning Applications and Public Consultations for Tiverton and the immediately surrounding area. Our responses will appear on this page.

LIDL Application 18/00915/MFUL

Our Planning Group was unable to meet to discuss this application, but a letter was submitted by the Chairman, expressing his personal views. lidl-application (Revised)

Serious objections concerning the flood risk for this site from the Environment Agency and others suggest that this application is unlikely to be granted unless there are considerable alterations.

Tiverton Town Centre Regeneration Masterplan SPD Public Consultation.

Details are now available for the Masterplan and Public Consultation, which ran from Monday, 30th April until Sunday, 10th June. (MDDC have been ‘sitting on this’ for a year, which does not inspire confidence!). See also. See also

Our view is that this Masterplan contains some reasonable ideas, but is rather formulaic and needs to produce more radical ideas if it is to lead to real regeneration in Tiverton Town Centre. More worryingly, why are Mid Devon District Council promoting this while at the same time favouring a major retail development at Junction 27, the ‘Designer Outlet Village’? They are completely incompatible!

Public Consultation in the Market Hall on the Town Centre Regeneration Masterplan , May 2018.


Planning Application for Land off Uplowman Road, Tiverton.

A full Reserved Matters application, 18/00133/MARM, was submitted by Barratt Homes for the construction of 248 dwellings, 3 Gypsy and Traveller pitches, public open space, landscape planting, pedestrian, cycle and vehicular links; and associated infrastructure.

The application was finally approved by the MDDC Planning Committee on August 8th 2018.

Local Plan Review Update 2018

A Local Plan Review Update, including very thorough analysis of the sustainability of plans for Junction 27, has now been published, and it was discussed and approved as Item 5 at the MDDC Cabinet Meeting on February 9th.:

At first reading, no convincing argument is put forward to show that large-scale retail development at Junction 27 will not have a major negative impact on local town centres, especially Tiverton and Cullompton, as well as other centres in a wider area.

We have prepared a Sustainability Response March 2018. (3) to this, largely confined to the proposed development at Junction 27 and confirming our Position Statement.

Planning Application 17/01509/MFUL. (Rear of Town Hall).

TCS Comment on Planning Application 17.01509.MFUL (Rear of Town Hall) for 39 dwellings together with underground car parking, landscaping etc. This application was discussed by the MDDC Planning Committee at their meeting on Wednesday, November 29th, and it was approved with conditions.

Local Plan Review Examination for Junction 27 and associated policies.

A preliminary hearing concerning the development proposals for Policy J27 (Land at Junction 27 – the Eden Westwood scheme) and associated policies SP2 (Higher Town, Sampford Peverell) and TIV16 (Blundells School) was held by a Planning Inspector, Paul Griffiths on 20th and 21st September 2018, at the Crystal Suite, Best Western Tiverton Hotel. TCS was represented at the hearing by Dr Fern Clarke.

All the position statements are available, as well as further information, are online. We previously submitted a letter to the consultation for this proposal on 14th February 2017: letter-to-mddc-february-14th-2017-2-1.

Although there has been a 28% reduction in the overall size of the proposed development since it was written, the size of the Designer Outlet Village remains much the same and we continue to thoroughly agree with the November 2014 GVA Report assessment_of_retail_and_main_town_centre_use_plannin_policy__nov_2014

(This was commissioned by Mid Devon District Council and fully endorsed by them and the Planning Department before the extraordinary late intervention by councillors led to a volte-face, the derailing of the new local Plan, and the need to commission ‘independent’ reports slanted to say exactly the opposit

The final paragraph of this report concludes:

Overall, and notwithstanding the lack of proper information and analysis, we have
reached the conclusion that the current proposed allocation has the potential to
materially affect the role and function of existing centres in the local retail hierarchy.
We reach this conclusion based upon the scale and breadth of the main town centre
uses proposed, many of which are to be found in existing centres in the retail hierarchy.
Whilst it would be unreasonable to completely exclude the provision of main town
centres to support an outdoor leisure facility at the subject site, the scale of uses
proposed has not been justified and is likely to affect the health and function of other
town centres through: the loss of market share, an adverse financial impact, the
potential to impact upon investment and a general loss of vitality and viability’.

The statement by the owner of Banbury’s in Tiverton is also very relevant. Simon Banbury Statement 2016 (2)

We believe that the proposed development, especially the proposed outlet village, is  unsustainable as it is not compliant with National Planning Policy Framework Section 2, Paragraph 23, which states that
‘Planning policies should be positive, promote competitive town centre
environments and set out policies for the management and growth of
centres over the plan period. In drawing up Local Plans, local planning
authorities should ….recognise town centres as the heart of their communities and pursue
policies to support their viability and vitality‘.

Vacant Shops in Fore Street, Tiverton

A key issue is the effect that a large new retail outlet village at Junction 27 might have on local town centres, where there is already over-capacity.

Vacant Shops in Bampton Street.

Such a development could lead to many more potential shop closures, raising concerns about the declining fabric of the built environment. See Also. 

In addition, see a  report in the Daily Telegraph for 8.11.17 on the failure of the Portas initiative to revive high streets. (‘I hoped it might kick-start something – but it didn’t’ – Mary Portas). Has Tiverton’s Portas Committee been successful in achieving its objectives so far?

The Inspector’s response, following the hearings in September, was made available on 29th October 2018 id08-mid-devon-local-plan-examination-inspectors-letter-29oct2018

In principle, this approves the inclusion of Junction 27 as Allocated Land in the Local Plan, but further details in wording have yet to be resolved. Full hearings for the Local Plan will take place in thr New Year, probably in January or February.

Exeter Hill

Our Society has objected to Planning Application 17/00942/MOUT for up to 50 houses off Exeter Hill, Tiverton.

TCS Objection to 17.00942.MOUT July 2017 (2)

A further objection was submitted in response to changes in the original application.

Further TCS Objection to Planning Applcation 17-00942-MOUT (Exeter Hill, Tiverton)

Revised access proposals remain unsatisfactory.

Update (23/10/18). This application has been refused planning permission.


TCS Response to the Revised Draft Local Plan 2013-2033

This is the letter-to-mddc-february-14th-2017-2-1, which refers to the inclusion of Junction 27.

Design Guide for the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension.

Several members of Tiverton Civic Society were members of the consultation group involved in the preparation of the Design Guide.



 The top photograph shows the new housing development at Farleigh Meadows, Rackenford Road, in March 2016.

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